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Term 1 Academy Key dates

Priority Sale Monday August 22nd
Public Sale Monday August 29th
Academy Commences September 5th

Term 1 Timetable (Adult)

Term 1 Timetable(Teen & Children)

Introduction & Changes Explained

The NAC Academy is taught through the Swim Ireland Child Learn to Swim Programme, which is a quality certified programme designed to set national standards for children’s swimming, recognised and supported by the Irish Sports Council. The Programme, which is based around the Long Term Athlete Development model, provides a fundamental base to all the aquatic disciplines and is designed around 8 progressive levels that when completed provide comprehensive learning. At the NAC the programme is divided in to 2 separate Units to fully utilise the time, space and expertise of all involved in their delivery.

Children progressing through this programme will not only learn to swim competently, but will also receive expert teaching from Swim Ireland trained teachers on the technical and fundamental elements of each stroke.

The programme incorporates a fantastic Awards Scheme for all children progressing through the programme.

At the National Aquatic Centre a cohesive Long Term Athlete Development Pathway has been developed. This ensures that a swimmer can come in to the Academy aged 3 to 4 years old and follow the National Learn to Swim Programme. From there swimmers can progress all the way through the various stages of the sport and even end up in Swim Ireland’s Performance Centre at the NAC!!! This programme aims to support athletes to fulfil their potential at International competition and includes swimmers who have represented Ireland at European, World and Olympic level. This is a unique opportunity for young people in Ireland where all their sporting development needs are catered for under the one roof in the one programme.

Unit 1

Unit 1 incorporates Swim Ireland’s Learn to Swim Programme Levels 1 through 5. Entry is recommended to be at 3 to 4 years of age. It takes multiple terms to graduate between levels as each individual will need time to learn the necessary skills that are required in order to progress to the next stage of their development

  • All levels in Unit 1 will take place in the one pool (diagram available)
  • Depth will be 1mt for Unit 1
  • Capacity for each lesson is as follows: L1 8:1, L2 10:1, L3 – L5 12:1
  • Length of each level in Unit 1 is 40minutes.

It’s recommended that all children should fully complete Unit 1 so they can be safe, competent swimmers with a confidence and love for the water.

Unit 2

Unit 2 incorporates Swim Ireland’s Learn to Swim Programme Levels 6 through 8. It also takes multiple terms to graduate between levels as each individual still needs the time to learn the new and more complex skills that are taught at this more advanced stage of learning.

  • All levels in Unit 2 will take place in 25mt format
  • Depth will be 2.4mt for Unit 2
  • Capacity for each lesson is as follows: L6 – L8 15:1
  • Length of each level in Unit 2 is 60minutes.

Unit 2 of the Academy is an environment where further, more advanced technical and skill development will take place. All the strokes, starts & turns are part of the syllabus and an element of fitness work will form part of the overall plan. Unit 2 is also seen as a way of keeping young people in the sport by offering the opportunity to remain in the Pathway Programme without entering in to competitive swimming.

Progression between the levels:

In addition to the Swim Ireland Syllabus, the Academy has a set of Movement Criteria in place for each level. These are the essential skills that without, children would struggle to participate in the next level up and further hinder their progression through the programme.

Each term has an Assessment Week where the swimmers are observed and a decision made on their readiness to progress. The appropriate level will be assigned to each individual prior to the booking period for the next term. Queries on movement can be directed to the Aquatics Coordinator who can explain the reasons why any swimmer is assigned a certain level.

Assessment Days for new members will take place. Assessment Days for new members will take place on the an ongoing basics on allocated days and times, please contact sales to make a booking for the assessments. There is a €5.00 charge for the assessment, this will be allocated against your booking if you decide to book in for the academy class. The assessment days have allocated time slots over both days and interested people should contact the Sales Office who will make an appointment.

Academy of Swimming
The National Aquatic Centre Swimming Academy endeavors to achieve a high standard of swimming through a progressive pathway consisting of eight levels of learning for children from 3yrs -16 years. The new 'Child Learn To Swim Academy' in conjuction with Swim Ireland commenced in Autumn 2009. Please see new programme details below.

Adult Swimming
The National Aquatic Centre provides a range of different levels of ability: starting from Nervous Adults, through Beginners, Improvers to Advanced. All these classes build water confidence; Keep you active in your particular ability, the chance to swim with others of the same ability, improving your technique, understanding and extending your skills and enjoying the whole experience, while in a supervised, friendly atmosphere. If you feel that you’re up for a challenge we also run water based triathlon training to push you to your limits. We also have ladies only classes which are devoted to ladies who wish to further improve their swimming ability in a relaxed, friendly environment. Classes are subject to number and availability. For details on the Adult levels please click here.

Adult & Child
We provide a bright and happy environment, facilitating interaction between baby, parent and teacher. The aim of the classes is water familiarization and confidence through, games activities and plenty of encouragement. These classes start from 9 months to 3.5 years.

To Book ALL of the above levels

Drop in and Book in person in the Sales Office

* This method gets precedence over Telephone Bookings

Or call the National Aquatic Centre Sales Office

01 6464 300

It is Academy policy that we cannot allow swapping of classes once they have commenced for any reasons

Any complaints about the Swim, Diving or Synchro Academy’s must be put in writing as per the National Aquatic Centres Customer Service Policy.

Please Note: The NAC swim instructors will assess each child accordingly and ensure that each child is placed into a level that is suitable for their ability.

The NAC swim instructors may add additional activities into each separate level to ensure the highest possible standard within the lesson.

Parents must view from the Pool Grandstand.

They cannot sit on pool deck & Prams and Buggies are not permitted on pool deck either.




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